Ukraine Presses NATO: Past Denial a ‘Strategic Mistake’

While NATO is stressing caution on membership for Ukraine during Russia’s months-old invasion, Ukraine officials are denouncing what they consider a  “strategic mistake” in past hesitancy to have their nation join.

“It is somehow unfortunate that it was exactly here in this palace in 2008 when, in our view, a strategic mistake was made by delaying Ukraine’s membership to NATO,” Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleb told reporters at the end of two days of  meetings in Bucharest, Romania, The Washington Post reported. “We believe … that the discussion on Ukraine’s application should begin. And we believe that mistakes made in the past can be corrected.”

NATO ministers pledged to help Ukrainians cope with what Secretary Gen. Jens Stoltenberg said was Moscow using winter weather as “a weapon of war,” and to aid in sustaining Kyiv’s military campaign.

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