Highland Park Shooting Victims Sue Gun Maker Smith & Wesson

The Chicago Edelson PC law firm and the anti-gun violence organization Brady filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of Liz Turnipseed, one of the victims of the July 4 shootings in Highland Park, Illinois, against gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, claiming the company engaged in “unlawful marketing” of its products that caused criminal behavior.

“You don’t expect to go to your child’s first parade and leave with something other than happy memories, but instead, I left with shrapnel permanently lodged in my body,” Turnipseed said in a joint press release from the organizations Wednesday. “This lawsuit will hopefully keep other families and other communities from suffering the same way that we and the Highland Park community have suffered.”

Turnipseed was one of the dozens injured and seven killed when Robert Crimo III allegedly opened fire on a crowd gathered for the annual Fourth of July parade in the suburb of Chicago.

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